Many Definitions of Cool - Toys For Tots Edition

Toys For Tots week is here!  This Saturday morning, we’re not just about cool automobiles and cool people. [Seriously, you know you’re cool.  Your coolness contributes to our very cool community.]  This Saturday morning, we’re making the holiday season a bit cooler for disadvantaged children throughout Baltimore County.  Coincidentally, all of this coolness even falls in line with Saturday morning’s weather.  I have the word from 2 local TV meteorologists that we’ll be dry…but rather cool.  ‘Tis the season! 


Over the week, I have been receiving fantastic messages about adult shopping adventures as well as stories about when our community members were children.  Think back to those special moments as a child over the holidays.  Think back to those big smiles that arrived after opening the wrapping to that special toy.  Harness the energy attached to those memories and unleash it in the coming days.  It’s time to go shopping!


This year, I performed all of my shopping within Dick’s Sporting Goods and Five Below at Hunt Valley Towne Centre.  In my former life in corporate healthcare, I’d regularly shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods for items such as basketballs, jump ropes and weights.  There’s a comfort zone.  I knew exactly where to find the ‘athletic toys’.  When it came to Five Below, it was more of a new experience.  When inside, I quickly acclimated… and I was quickly amazed.  Now this is a place to cover just about all of the bases for Toys For Tots at great prices.  Check out my combined score in the photos below.  Success!


Let’s all make it a Saturday morning to remember.  You can go for the stocking stuffers or something larger.  Each gift is meaningful.  Henry Ford once said, “To do more for the world than the world does for you – that is success.”  Giving feels great.  Have a great Saturday morning.  We all would love to see you there!

Photos were taken in the Hunt Valley Horsepower ‘World HQ’ stock room by Rich “Will” Williams.   

Photos were taken in the Hunt Valley Horsepower ‘World HQ’ stock room by Rich “Will” Williams.