5-Year Love

August 28, 2009 is sort of a ‘birthday’.  Its the sort of birthday that is understood by anyone that is passionate about automobiles.  Some may view the date as a birthday for a new member of the family.  On this date, I purchased my 2009 BMW 335i X Drive M Sport from BMW of Towson. 


Its my all-season workhorse.  It has been the chariot to see family in the Poconos as well as friends in the Outer Banks.  It has been a gateway to meeting fantastic people in the BMWCCA, at Hunt Valley Horsepower and at automotive events throughout the region.


Back in 2009, I was a single guy with a simple life, no college bills and a hunger for horsepower and style.  The 335i was a grand step up from the ’00 Toyota Celica GTS it replaced.  As the 335i arrived at the port in New Jersey, I sold the GTS to a local youth pastor for the fair market price.  All chips from the sale - including some extra cash - were transferred to the down payment on the car that would soon be mine. 


At the time, I was enjoying a 13-year run at a stable job so the monthly payment of nearly $600 didn’t feel like a gamble.  Where the gamble could enter would be on the modification front.  Well, there was no room or desire for gambling.  It all had to be done right the first time.


The car already had ‘the look’ but within the first year, the personalization started.  The urgings by fellow enthusiasts only accelerated the proliferation of the ‘mod bug’.  Modifications focused on new wheels, coilovers, tint and a decklid spoiler.  These updates stand to the present day and I’d have it no other way.


The final payment is due on September 12.  On the descent to owing $0.00, there are $0.03 of interest accruing each day – thanks to a very favorable interest rate.  Thank you, frugality [when it comes to most things outside of the car purchase].


It has been 5 years.  Some owners would be ripe for a trade-in but the love hasn’t waned.  Some say that the payback begins when the car is paid off.  Payback started on day 1.

Richard Williams