Father's Day

ather’s Day is upon us.  Its the past, the present and the future.  Remember back to your early days.  I think back to the days of building Lincoln Log structures on the carpet in just about any room of the house.  A Matchbox car would occasionally appear from above.  It was delivered from the hands of my father.  The result was the biggest smile, a heartfelt thank you and an immediate test drive.


There were days, alongside my father, of changing the brake pads on the Chevette, refreshing the spark plugs on the Jeep and learning how to use a jack on the AMC Eagle.  To this day, recalling these moments bring me immense joy.  He was planting the seeds for automotive enthusiasm.  He was embedding the importance of responsibility.  He worked hard and those well-maintained vehicles helped support our family.  I’d like to think that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


Every Saturday morning, we see fathers and sons and grandfathers and grandsons – shoulder to shoulder - admiring automobiles.  We see Baby Boomers sharing knowledge with Millennials.  Earlier this month, I saw a gentleman born in the 20’s speaking about cars with a pair of young men in their 20’s.  Your father may be by your side.  You may be a new father pushing a stroller on Saturday mornings.  You may have been a father for decades.  Maybe you’re not a father but you’re paying forward your valuable experiences.  No matter your situation, may a portion of your Father’s Day be focused on paying it forward.    

Richard Williams