The Ink Has Dried on 2014

Edition #52 means that it’s the end of 2014 for Hunt Valley Horsepower.  Let’s take a look back…

Hp - 12-25-14.jpg

At the center, it’s all about the people.  Here, it’s an Adopt-A-Road crew.  Moving to clockwise [starting at the top-left], MotorWeek covered our 2nd Anniversary back in April.  Our sponsors powered benefits such as Toys For Tots.  On 2 occasions, we took to the road to gather at the spectacular Winery at Elk Manor.  When it comes to automobiles, we saw everything from 1909 to the rise of the latest and greatest.  Thank you for taking the ride with us.  May you and your family have a healthy and happy New Year!  See you down the road!