...But I Digress

We wake up early.  It could be thanks to the blaring alarm clock, the internal alarm clock or an elbow to the ribs.  Maybe there’s an immediate shot of coffee or tea with breakfast.  Shower?  Well, that’s optional but based on observations over the years, our community’s personal cleaning items are in regular use.  According to the internet, Elizabeth Taylor said, “Success is a great deodorant.”…but I digress. 

** Please consider wearing deodorant, be it aluminum-free or the old standard chemistry. **

When all of the matters of home life are squared away, we take to the road.  There may have been time during the week for a wash and detailing.  It’s a matter of pride and an open reflection of the love for your automobile.  Well, for the vehicles that started with clearcoat, there may be very little remaining.  The paint may be a thing of the past and detailing may not be part of the plan.  It all works for us.  Love isn’t always ‘worn’ on paint.  All paint conditions tell a story and everything from a new shine to showing serious wear can look immaculate in their own ways...but I digress.


Back to the road.  We travel from all reaches of our region.  It’s the streets in the neighborhood, the country roads, the interstates and the access roads.  That’s part of the magic of any automotive community.  Getting together means that we must do exactly what we all love…driving.  We’re blessed to have beautiful roads that surround Hunt Valley.  On Saturday mornings, we’re generally lucky enough to avoid the hustle and bustle of Monday-through-Friday traffic.  Of course, the more-than-occasional road work never seems to disappear…but I digress.


When we arrive at Hunt Valley Towne Centre, ‘digression’ finds a home.  It’s easy to get distracted with all of the fantastic automobiles and enriching conversations out there.  Whether you stay on track or go off track, it’s a beautiful thing.  You never know what to expect…unless you’re talking about the quality people and the quality automobiles.  Every Saturday morning, nothing distracts from those community keystones.   


For one moment, let’s clear the distractions.  Set the morning of Saturday, October 18 on your schedule.  It’s all for Toys For Tots.  Bring smiles to disadvantaged children throughout our region this holiday season.  Check page 8 for details.  See you down the road!