It Serves. You Protect.

Ol’ Man Winter clearly has a firm grip on Maryland.  This month, even his buddy - Polar Vortex – hitched a ride.  This winter harkens back to the bitter winters many of us enjoyed during our childhoods.  Check the expected wind chills for this Saturday morning.  We’re in the deep freeze.  For the upcoming renewal of our Hagerty event insurance, there may have to be an addendum for the participation of snowmobiles.


 Regardless of what the calendar’s cold bookends have in store, our winter warhorses must forge forward.  Snow, ice, sleet or freezing rain?  Onward!  We’re all familiar with the drama that these forms of precipitation bring to our daily commutes.  Look closer.  There’s a very slow-moving story in play.  Its so slow that it could be called a ‘mellow’ drama.  The story may not be suitable to note during breaking news coverage but its certainly notorious.  Here’s the chemical breakdown.    

 In a recent newsletter, the winter chemicals deployed by the state of Maryland were detailed.  Salt, salt brine and ‘desugared’ sugar beet molasses wreak havoc on your car’s exterior and interior.  We love our automobiles.  If your automobile is sledding through the winter snows, here’s some quick relationship advice.

 Wash every exterior surface every 7 to 10 days.  Go beyond the obvious.  If the surface is exposed, salt can reach it.  Spray behind the bumpers.  Spray the entire underbody.  Spray the seams in the wheel wells.  If your suspension components don’t have all-season protection, give them special attention.  Think about everything with a clamp.  Brake lines?  Yes, they’re rather important.  Dry the painted surfaces delicately but diligently with clean, high-quality microfiber towels. 

 Go inside.  Focus on the door sills, under the hood and trunk as well as their drain areas.  Remember, if it gets wet, salt can follow.  Swap the carpeted mats for the all-season alternative.  Vacuum the passenger areas every time you wash.  Periodically clean the high-traffic carpet areas, interior panels and seats with treatments that match your applications. 

The message is clear.  Love needs maintenance.  Give your all-season automobile the attention it deserves.  Week to week, take matters in your own hands and cover the basics to fight off winter’s deleterious effects.  To truly revitalize and to provide the best long-term protection, consult the professionals.  Check the Sponsors section for The Shine Shop in Reisterstown and Reflected Images Custom Detailing in Forest Hill.  Both locations are trusted by members of our community for protection of their treasured automobiles.  Consider their professional protections as a coat of armor.  Now you can add some chivalry to your automotive relationships.

Richard Williams