Its GP Weekend!

This weekend is very special for our region's automotive enthusiasts.  The Grand Prix of Baltimore hits the streets and many of our members will be spectating, providing event support and even racing.  May everyone have a safe and enriching experience, no matter what’s on the docket. 

Think back to the first time you heard a race car - not on TV, not on the radio, but in person.  One of my earliest series of memories was taking Saturday drives to the local mall with my parents.  It was a very relaxing tour until the final stretch when the roar of race cars would project from a small round dirt track named Mahoning Valley Speedway.  While I could barely see out of the windows of - depending on the year - the VW Beetle or Chevy Chevette, it was the sound.  The sound would cause my eyes to quickly widen.  There would be a quick inhale followed by a held breath.   Most importantly, there was a grand smile. 

These cars were ‘just like’ some of the cars in my Matchbox collection…but these cars roared and were just as fast as I had imagined!  Remember back to your childhood days.  Recall the excitement of the sounds and the sights of your first race car experience.  I hope you can relive some of those memories - and make new memories - this weekend at the Grand Prix of Baltimore.  Bring the family.  Pay forward those memories.  I hope to see you there!

Note:  Of course, our Saturday morning gathering forges on!  If attendance at the Grand Prix of Baltimore isn’t in your Saturday morning plans, you will find a quality collection of community members and their cherished vehicles at our gathering location within Hunt Valley Towne Centre.

Richard Williams