Sweet Sixteen

Our community is nearly 16!  16 months old that is...and oh, how sweet it is.  To be accurate, we’re 15½. 

If we translate those months into years, we’re adapting to our adolescent growth spurt and discovering something new and fascinating every Saturday morning.

To get personal, for many of us, 15½ was our learner’s permit phase.  The years of sitting in the backseat of the family chariot were passing forward the inheritance – for better or for worse - of driving knowledge.  Now, with your hands on the steering wheel and the mandatory adult (a.k.a. mom or dad) in tow, the learning curve took off like the uphill start of your favorite roller coaster.

Recall the practice runs in the remote part of town – far from traffic – for the refinement of the 3-point turn.  Fast forward and you’re learning how to park the manual on the hill.  Fast forward and you’re taking the helm alongside another co-pilot.  This time, you’re guiding your date to the prom.  Sure, the fast forward button was employed a few times but that’s what it seems like when we look back.  We moved so fast with little regard for the hands of time.  The venerable Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

That’s a round-a-bout way to view our Saturday mornings.  We’re all so busy crossing off tasks on our post-it notes and smartphones.  Hunt Valley Horsepower is about the relaxed country cruise with the windows down.  Find a spot and relax.  Look around.  Maybe catch a view of the car that perilously - and involuntarily - became your vehicle to higher automotive learning.  Check out the engine where you may have successfully completed your first oil change.  Exchange stories with the owner.  Relive the past while building new connections for the future.

We’re honored to have you as part of our growing family and we’d love to see you soon.  Otherwise, you never know what you might miss. 

Richard Williams