Here's a great chance to volunteer!  Maintain the appearance of one of the county’s most beautiful roads and decrease the amount of debris that washes into the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. 

Scheduled clean-up sessions will occur immediately after our Saturday morning gatherings or even on a Sunday morning when it works out.  The sessions typically last 2 hours.  Check back right here for announced dates.  The county has provided us with 10 refuse ‘grabbers’, gloves, refuse bags and safety vests that will add efficiency and safety to the clean-up process.  If there are more than 10 persons available for a selected weekend, the additional people can assist with notifying oncoming traffic of our group’s presence throughout the route. 

Your participation is highly encouraged and greatly appreciated! 


The next projected session: June, 2019


Adopt-A-Road Sign 5-25-13.jpg

The 3.6-mile drive starts on the northern end of Thornton Mill Road at Gerber Lane and continues until its southern end on York Road.  For reference on its proximity to Hunt Valley Towne Centre, the video closes at that point.  The video’s speed was increased by 2x to keep its duration under 4 minutes.  (All posted speed limits were honored.) 

For more information:  Baltimore County Adopt-A-Road Program.  Here's some media from clean-up sessions over the years...

The morning of November 12, 2016 was surely chilly but it didn't stop the volunteer crew.  When we're armed with Ted's GPV Colonel, well, not much could stop us.  Thank you to for the shot taken after our gathering and prior to departure for the session.

The crew on September 17, 2016 had a volunteer chariot like no other in our history.   Jared's Ravens bus was simply awesome.  There was space for everyone and everything and there was the school bus nostalgia.  Thank you to the team for making our adopted road look great again and for the great times.  We weren't sure when the photos were being taken so here's 2.  Squad!

The session on Saturday, August 13, 2016 took place during a heat wave.  We worked mostly in the shaded areas of Thornton Mill Road and surely increased the stock price of Gatorade.  The theme music comes from Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" and it's inspired by the team walking side by side with work in hand.  Team, thank you!

Courtesy of, here are a few action shots from Saturday, April 25, 2015's clean-up session.

Here's our Adopt-A-Road crew from May 17, 2014!

Adopt-A-Road Crew 5-17-14.jpg

Check out the 2-minute video of our clean-up efforts on October 5, 2013!